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Can you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PC?
If you own a computer, you will always come to a time when you need to clean it thoroughly. You start to prepare some dry tissues or a towel, a small brush, a bottle of solution that is specialized for cleaning PC, etc.
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You begin to wonder…

Can I use the vacuum cleaner instead of a brush so I can speed up my process?
The answer is no. If you argue that you have tried it and it does not cause any problem then I will say you probably got lucky.
It is not a problem with the vacuum cleaner’s power source. The problem is with the static electrical discharge caused by the plastic nozzle when it gathers the air. These will actually make your computer main board go jumpy and of course, ruin the computer.
So it is safe to say that whenever you clean your study area, you should pick up your PC and move it far away so that you can vacuum the area safely.
However, there won’t be any problem if you don’t put the nozzle near the computer and suck the dust from a distance. But then again, it will not be very effective. You can also use the blowing type of vacuum to blow dust away, albeit this will be a little messier in the surrounding area.
There is a type of vacuum cleaner that is specialized for cleaning PC and laptop. Of course, these are very expensive so you might have to invest a lot for the convenience of cleaning faster and easier.
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In the end, if you know how to operate your vacuum cleaner carefully then yes, you can clean your PC by using them. But one false move and you can forfeit your motherboard.
Or you can just purchase one of the special vacuum cleaners made for PC. These are usually a handheld type, meaning they are small and easy to carry around. You might have to invest a lot for them as they are pretty costly. They are also fragile and a bit weak in power so you might not be able to suck dirt and dust bunnies that are deep inside your computer.
If you would like to know more about either the problem or the special type of vacuum cleaner, you can check the best review guide that is available on the internet or just check the Amazon reviews of the products in the example.
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FAQs: Can you use a vacuum cleaner for a PC?
Q: Can I use this method for other electronic devices, like TV?A: Provided you have the special vacuum, yes. Otherwise, no, you don’t want to risk replacing the whole device.
Q: What can I do if my computer is ruined by the cleaning?A: Nothing. The only thing you can do is replace it. If you are not skilled enough, it is better to use a specialized vacuum or just do it manually.
Q: I see some models of the specialized vacuum costs only around $50. Why do you say it’s expensive?A: It is expensive because cleaning a PC is what it does best and it is mediocre on everything else. You can use it to suck some of the debris from the table, sofa, or in a car but it won't be very effective. Not to mention they are pretty fragile too.
Q: Where can I buy them?A: You can purchase them primarily on Amazon. Be sure to check the specs and Amazon reviews beforehand.


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