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Best Fabrics for Lingerie Sewing

 Below are the best fabrics for trimmings, the body of the lingerie, applique and some decorative additions for your garments. You can carry this project on with any sewing machines. If you are confusing about choosing a good one, read some heavy duty sewing machine reviews to find out your choice. 

  1. Princess Lace satin

Preparing to make your lace bodysuits? Use princess lace satin, a beautiful feminine fabric that shows off the curvy shapes of yours and accentuates your sexy figure. It has a pretty knitted lace front that creates sensuality and drama.

  • Shows off curves
  • Knitted lace (front) and satin (back)
  • Elegant and textured
  • Moves with shape
  • Luxury handle


  1. Silk Impression

It is a mild material that is suited for making lingerie. It is light in weight but very robust. Because of its weight, and charming silk, it has no effort in slipping your skin. Silk impression is a semi-clear in fibre and has a glamorous face, resulting from having a sophisticated, and crystalline print.

  • Shining Soft face
  • Silky and nice to hold
  • Keep shape well
  • Very weightless
  • Somewhat transparent


  1. Mulmul soft muslin

The Mulmul Muslin has a semi-transparent and sheer-like feature that makes it ideal for a "barely there" nightdress or chemise. The super-soft texture makes your night garment so comfy to wear, and it is also easy to sew with a coverstitch sewing device. You may consult the coverstitch sewing machine reviewsKJiyMbl.gif  to know more.

  • Loose and soft
  • Durable and strong
  • Transparent, light
  • Open weave (net-like)
  • Rustic aesthetic


  1. Florence net

The Florence net is super durable and sturdy fabric though it looks delicate and elegant. It is an excellent choice for making knickers because of its four-way stretch quality that enables movement with comfort. Its breathable and transparent quality makes it a supreme choice for lingerie.

  • Gentle on skin
  • Fluid drape, transparent
  • Very stretchy
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Non-fray net (knitted)


  1. Jersey

Jersey is an excellent fabric for supportive garments like slips or panties because of its stretchy, flexible nature and moves with your body. This knitted fabric provides cosy and warmth mellowness. It is wonderful that you can use this for making a lightweight robe or deduced baby doll.

  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Slight absorbent
  • Stretchy
  • Crease-resistant


  1. Cotton Satin

So perfect in making an elegant chemise and pyjama set, it is 100% natural fabric. Even it has a matt finish texture; it still gives you a smooth and charming feeling on your skin. It is nice to wear your clothes in natural cotton because of its nice touch and breathable characteristics.

  • close weave
  • 100% cotton
  • soft
  • absorbs and reflects light
  • smooth handle

Are you excited to start your own lingerie project? Choosing the best fabric for making a lingerie depends on your favorite lingerie as underwear or worn alone, from colorful baby doll to slip and bodysuits that reflect your curve and shape. Challenge yourself to make the ideal one for yourself with the help of your best starter sewing machine. Make something different according to your style and favourite. Feel beautiful and always wear your confidence.


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