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4 Tips On Sewing Denim Every Sewers Need To Know

Denim is known as the oldest sort of fabric and is reachable in the market for the last 100 years. People actually feel affection toward wearing denim due to the reliability and durability of the garment.

As a sewer, you should never limit yourself to a certain fabric or stitching style. You must expand your experience with variety so as to become a pro in sewing any kind of garment. If you have the best entry level sewing machine available at your desk, you can sew literally anything. All you need is just a few tips and then you will be multiskilled to go.

#1 Stretching

As far as we all know, stretching is the nature of denim and you can’t change that. Therefore, when people sew denim for the first time, they may go through the same problem that it will stretch due to the whole stitching system is getting impacted.

Stretching is the nature of denim and you can’t change that

Some lines are likely to change from straight to parallel and vice versa. In this case, you should keep your hand pressure slightly on the fabric and your garment will be all set.

#2 Appropriate Tools For Cutting Denim

So before we move on to the sewing, let’s first talk about the cutting section which requires full concentration and also is time-consuming.

For the accurate cutting, denim asks for sharp tools with efficient blades as well as heavy duty needles to give proper stitches to the fabric. At the time of setting your sewing machine for the denim, remember to use needles which are specially made for the thickness of the denim. Absolutely you need to read a manual for the guide and to understand the best mechanical sewing machine for beginners Image when using it.

#3 Rubber Hammer

One trick you can use to flat the seam and make your bulk edges flat is to use rubber hammer or meat hammer. If you have never experienced stitching the denim before, this trick is going to help you feel relieved. Another thing you have to bear in mind when working with the rubber hammer is to press the denim with lots of steam.

After using a simple sewing machine, you might think about a cover stitch machine which will help to create the perfect denim stitches.

#4 Seaming Technique

Denim is definitely not an ordinary type of fabric to work with because you have to put a little extra effort on every single part. It’s vital that you should do some practice of cutting on some rough stack of denim before applying anything on the actual task.

Denim is definitely not an ordinary type of fabric to work with

The tip is to try to cut the extra folds in bulk by doing the seam trim and pressing the seam as much as you can to make it flat.


We hope if you follow some of these tips when sewing denim, things will be much more easier for you.

For more helpful guide, check this Latest Guide To Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews And Comparison to find the best sewing machine for denim. Start sewing and turning yourself into a pro today. Good luck!


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